The settings out of the box might be good enough to never have to touch a button. If, however, your window location or window blind mechanics stray too far from the norm, it only takes a few button presses to have fully custom settings.

Solar Power

Manufactured from Copper Indium Diselenide, the on-board solar panels provide the battery with enough power for continuous operation without having to change batteries or hard wire into the building electrical system.


With a size of just 3" x 5" and an attaching motor that hides neatly behind the top headrail, operation takes place without you ever knowing it's there.


Competitive products cost nearly $800 dollars and may require professional installation. The IntelliTilt™ system costs a fraction of the price and is simple to install in minutes with no tools.

Your Own Blinds

You can install the IntelliTilt™ on your own window blinds. In general, the only requirement is a detachable tilt wand.


Enjoy the views your windows grant you, without having to worry about people seeing into your house if you happen to forget to close them when the sun sets.

The IntelliTilt™ is great for apartment dwellers, where people are often constantly walking within feet of your windows and can glance into your home.

Homeowners and renters will appreciate having their home look "lived in" while away on vacation.

Energy Savings

Studies indicate that opening your windows during the day can save on heating costs by up to 10%.[]

The built-in solar panel recharging system means you'll never have to buy more batteries or see your electric bill go up.


Plants need natural sunlight to thrive. Often times plants will die because their caretakers forget to open the window blinds on a daily basis. The IntelliTilt™ will ensure you never forget to open your blinds again.


Don't leave your pet alone with nothing to do. Cats and dogs love looking outside during the day when you are away!

Morning Glory

There is no better way to start your day than being able to look outside from your bed and see outside. It helps you maintain a healthy sleep cycle and start the day on a positive note. It's like having a butler draw the drapes for you each morning!


The IntelliTilt™ Motor Module attaches to the hook where the window blind wand attaches. The motor module and bracket attach to the headrail to prevent movement.

The IntelliTilt™ Control Module attaches to the window glass using a provided suction cup. The solar panels remain exposed to the sunlight to maintain constant energy levels.


After installation, you can manually set the open/close and day/night positions if you don't like the default settings.

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